Jody Lo is part of a small group of luxury craftsmen who practice ancestral craftsmanship combined with superior product quality.


Glass Blowers inspired creations play with the light. In the purest tradition of master glassmakers, the craftsman heats the glass at more than 900 degrees in order to be able to blow it with a blow pipe and put it in shape. The piece obtained is then cut cold before undergoing a slow new cooking and controlled. The produced vase goes through the polishing and washing steps before being colored and personalized. 


All our perfumes are created and developed in collaboration with our master perfumers in Grasse. The great richness of nature is our main source of inspiration: the perfumes of plants, flowers, natural extracts are associated in refined and natural complex fragrances. Our candles give off a natural, precise and delicate fragrance. They provide a warm and refined atmosphere.


JODY LO uses very high quality waxes in order to benefit from good combustion and diffusion stability. It also provides a soft look and feel. Our waxes are composed of paraffin with are also used in the food and cosmetic industrie. Our wax is also a wonderful medium of diffusion. It accurately reveals the notes of the fragrance. The wicks are made from Egyptian Coton. The casting and laying of the cotton wick is done manually candle by candle.



Once these steps are taken, the candles can be poured into their beautiful colorful vases. This phase of production is also done manually in workshops located in Belgium. Wax and fragrance are first mixed before you can cast the candles by hand, layer by layer, to ensure optimal and consistent quality. All of these steps are crucial to getting Jody Lo quality and ensuring hours of enjoyment for demanding customers. The candles are places in a luxury black box.